lean in with me

Meghan allison Leialoha chew hoong Kaʻōpua Au

Gratitude for this path unfolding together as One, please find my head, heart, hands and hā, my Divine breath of Source in alignment in this Sacred sharing of my story with yours

Hailing from Makaliʻi + infused with the essence of ʻAʻā, I AM humbled, honored and in the contentment of joy that we are meeting here. 

My kūpuna span in my genetics of this body, countries across the plane of this existence. In Hawaiʻi my blood ancestors have called me back to their prophetic root on Moku O Keawe, The Source. My mother birthed me in Honolulu and I grew up well, seen and loved by family through trauma storms and painful lineages that create our pathways to the bliss we now see unfolding. 

As a child, I would see mySelf in the jungle, the forests, roaming around finding mySelf “alone” and in the Great Presence often. Oldest of six children, I AM blessed to hold the spaces I have and to be held in the space of Creator, all the elements and our elders. In a western routing, I pulsed through public and private schools, regimented and in the modes of stress and tracking for system functions. These skills give me the balance I carry in the multi-dimensions that we are required to breathe through in the dismantingly and simultaneous rebuild. After leaving Kamehameha, I emerged from the University of San Francisco with a B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science – medicine and supporting the health of others was my focus. I moved into spaces of Energy school in San Francisco and my own hōʻailona of sickness grounded me back home as I moved into my next phase, I desired to flow either into energy medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine or in my Hawaiian foundations. In this same timing, my health practitioner training continued with lomilomi beginning in 2007 studying under Kumu Lomilomi, Enrick Ortiz, Jr., as his apprentice in January 2013, and as assistant in teaching his classes since May 2014. Kumu Kanoa Switzer also has gifted immense reflection and wisdom through counsel beginning in 2007, sessions in 2018 and workshop downloads received in 2022 on lā’au kahea, energy medicine, and Morrnah Nālamakū Simeona’s style of Ho’oponopono = of the energetic multi-verse and realms through the Trinity we each hold within and with Source. 

God also opened up 2008 with Haku Hoʻoponopono training with Malia Craver and Lehua Pouha at QLCC in Kalihi, as well as studies and being trained in Lāʻau Lapaʻau with Kahuna Lāʻau Lapaʻau Levon Ohai starting in 2009. Much of these two elders Spiritual foundations gave me the strength and Trinity foundation to open up the pathway for my own daugther’s healing that would need my more full attention and commitment to my own healing process in 2018. 

Around the flow of 2012 is when I met Hanale Bishop, my daughter’s father, where we grew and created together in Waiāhole on the land of kalo and medicine poured into and foundation by the community there, his ʻohana and our works together. There was lots of medicine and foods that we supported in that living with the land from 2013-2018, and in that year we moved off after heavy flooding and water damage to our buildings cleared new path, and we began a new way forward. In 2020-2021 he and I began to restructure our bond as co-creators and supporters of our daughter River Mae Ruth Kamanumelekeaʻīaiwilani “Ānuenue” Au Bishop. He and I worked together to support rebuilding a home on the land and he and his family expansions with our daughter continue there today.

Back in the time continuum of life path studies, in the combining of knowledge form and synthesis, my love of writing and story telling, of connecting very deeply and intimately to find and feel and love all our unravellings in our unique pathways to The Way of our most High healing, I entered into the realms of mind-focused academy. This kind of learning would also prove useful for me to counter any advances systems would make towards me in my choices in my own and my child’s healing. Mentored by Lia ONeill Keawe, Maile Taualii, Kekeha Solis, Keao NeSmith, Lilikala Kameeleihiwa, Haunani K. Trask, Jon Osorio opened up new layers of cultural awareness that could be emiited from Hawaiʻinuiākea, Center for Hawaiian Studies at UH Mānoa. I have writings and studies in this MA degree, given in December 2015, in ʻIke Hawaiʻi that came through as my offering created as a thesis on historical trauma and itʻs health repercussions, bodily, spiritually, governmentally for Kānaka Hawaiʻi. Something in this work is what is the recognition of the Degenerative lines (soul, karmic and genetic) that we originate from in this Holy life we agree to, where WE ARE to reach Balance, and then walk upwards and forwards to Our One Siddhic existence knowing the Truth within and of the Universe Without, of the Regeneration we are tasked with in deep listening and Love.

This growth of my naʻau also gave me the expansions into birth support work Inspired by one of my sister’s pregnancy with my niece. I began studying this in 2013 from New Beginnings Doula Training for the birth in 2014, and I continued in this realm with ʻEhuola – Ka Lāhui o Ka Pō’s practitioner training through Kōkua Kalihi Valley’s Hoʻoulu ʻĀina program. Later, in my own pregnancy, I was gifted to community-ship space and time to join this train as a pregnant women in 2017. Fondest memories of this time of support are with my own daughter present – Ānuenue Iwilani has been with me at 3 births inside of me while I was hāpai with her, and 2 Earth side. The most recent ones, and likely the only kinds of births I AM aligned to attend now, will be those of our Food Forest mothers. These most recent were in December 2021 on O’ahu and September 2022 in Honoka’a, both births are with Mamas in our Food Forest training.

Energy works unraveled more for me with my training with Reiki Master Britt Yap, 2018. And my pathway began to open wider as my 1-1 space holdings shifted into group settings. From May 2019 to March 2020 I served as Director of Education and Community Outreach at the Waimānalo Market Co-op in their non-profit sector, supporting the Ola Hou program that improved food security and practices with two populations: students at Mālama Honua Public Charter School; and women who were either pregnant and/or breastfeeding. My love for both Waiāhole and Waimānalo on Oʻahu are continual platforms of deep connection that have imprinted on me deeply and allowed me the growth into my next phases of kuleana. 

With the mentorship of Ilima Ho-Lastimosa formally since 2019, blessings opened up in collaborations between Ke Kula Nui O Waimānalo, Mālama Honua Public Charter School and Agroforestry Net, Inc. = with food forest works in community and healing expansions. The foundations in Grace from this connection with Ilima allowed for my continued work with community healing and food forestry on Oʻahu and on Moku O Keawe. In this same year, Spirit brought me together with Craig Elevitch and Jamyang Dolma.

Community Food Forests on Oʻahu began in 2020 and by April 2021 the bridge formed for me to go back to my family’s center, and I began to travel between islands. In this movement, we felt a solid pathway in Mama Food Forest, centering on our deep awareness of the center of Our Collective Mother in full regenerative rhythms. Deep transformation on all realms begins in forced/chosen solitude and reflection, revelation and alignment. All it takes to witness, let go of and release in the process of moving from Degeneration to Balance, is a profound willingness to open the heart and then to open up to Source and let come the truth of our ever-evolving rebuild in Regeneration. In the Spiritual energetic reveal and rebuild, Source guided a connection between me and Lysette Rothmann Guest based in South Africa, where she curated and released a study intensive I completed with her in Spiritual Numerology, May 2022.

From September 2021 to September 2022, Craig Elevitch and Jamyang Dolma (KunKun) gifted further unfoldings to serve deeply by retreating into deep intensive healing and learning with them. Iwilani Ānuenue and I existed, lived and breathed Mama Food Forest curriculum in real time with Craig + Kunkun at the training center + puʻuhonua in Holuloa. This experience gifted us everlasting aloha and awareness of our own deep retreat into healing, remembering The Path to Truth, inner knowing, Source self and beauty – the movement in Regenerative rhythms. During this time, and forever more, my strong foundation of Trinity relations as family with Craig + Kunkun, as mentors, as one of my father and sister figures, allowed me to reciprocate and serve in this loving the art of living as the Social/Emotional Regeneration Coach in an incubation project. This project we pulled from our experiences together to make an offering to a 3-part, another Trinity, of Hawaiian Mamas in a 10-day intensive training in the Holualoa Training Center + Mama Food Forest with myself, Kula Macdonald and Kealoha Kalama in October 2022. 

I repatriated into the Country of Hawaiʻi through Occupied Forces Hawaiʻi Army in 2021. In February 2022, Taimi Pajimola Lafitaga, Honu Lafitaga and I began to ground down and in with our four keiki in their emergences of development + growth. Within this protection of our existing Nation, I AM and WE ARE holding space with like-hearted ʻohana on our Soul missions in Cooperative unschooling, self-directed learning for our keiki – through Pua ʻAʻaliʻi Unschooling Cooperative.

True EA is freedom in the heart + naʻau portal for aloha, in the mind of full and empty peace, in the strong and connected body, in a soul aligned with all the celestial rhythms. WE ARE creating the spaces that hold Our Ultimate Container as the Puʻuhonua for our Inner + Outer synchronized Regeneration. The ʻāina in Hōnalo guarded by Taimi and Honu opened itself up to me and Ānuenue in September 2022, where we moved onto this community space to build the Pillar of my and Our ceremony of life, Our art of living in Regenerative rhythms in the food forests = to build and live in this Puʻuhona O Hōnalo. Kaila Lucas and her partner have joined in this ceremony since April 2023.

Kū I Ke Aloha, deeply present in Love, is listening compassionately with ALOHA. This way is the heart beat of my space holding and sharing platform. I AM grateful for my, my Sacred Counterpart’s, our children’s, our blood + soul family, our community healing. In deep Reverence, we are naming and lifting, freeing ourSelves of old, painful timelines, personal and historical atrocities and hardships = WE ARE claiming our Divinity in the Peace of the ʻĪ and allowing the full evolutions of our most lit essences that can be revalued and transformed into opportunities to learn and grow and be a part reclaiming who we truly are – individually and communally on a path of ceremony, joy, beauty, waiwai, gratitude and reverence, delivering us in truth, justice, peace, growth, transformation and healing

In the current space time continuum of 2023 we have returned from Bhutan and are post Galactic New Year and Sirius Star ‘A’ā rising in this full moon ceremony. There is deep work and unfurling ongoing with Tom Penna of Ho Mai Ka PonoMarni Alohilohi Reynolds of Lotus Heart with her She Who Heals the World container, Chris Seiffert’s space holding, and Craig + Kunkun as we make ready to release Mama Food Forest in 2024.

Endless gratitude, my lei of aloha in reverence to The One,

My prayer is Yours, And So It Is...