Open heart portals accepting Sacred aloha in our simultaneous collapse + rebuild = witnessing our pain and trauma, guiding our Truth to emerge + form our Highest, Holy and Healing Selves within, and in synchronistic, regenerative reflections in our keiki, community, Honua + Universe

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Zoom + Face to Face


1-1 Sessions + Space Holding

We gather in clarity to find your Truth and support the path to knowing your purpose through prayer, chanting, story-ing, energy + body alignments, soul and mind openings in meaningful emptiness

$144 •|• trade + donation •|• 55 minutes

$222 •|• trade + donation •|• 90 minutes

Zoom + Face to Face

1-1 Mentorship

Deeply held + lovingly intensive pathways with me to synchronize your calling and fulfill your most beautiful heart + soul's true needs and purpose. Each of these offerings will be curated in our partnership and alignment with Source to find out what you are truly needing to crystallize in your reality in this training

•|• 3-day - three full days of face to face and 1-1, immersive + intensive transformation

•|• 1-malama (month) - three to four sessions on Zoom with succinct intentions + formed emergence

•|• 1-solar cycle (year) - 22 sessions (Zoom, 2 per malama/month) + four (quarterly) 3-day intensive, face to face and hands-on retreats with me on ʻāina

Face to Face + On ʻĀina

Group Retreats

Collective, collaborative space holding curated for small groups in right alignment + resonance, spreading a pillar of the puʻuhonua heart in you, actioned on the ʻāina. Our retreats will be on Moku O Keawe and will be released in 2024, your inquiries now will show how The Path is emerging

•|• 3-day - curated in deep purpose 

•|• 10-day - intensive + transformative

Zoom + On-ʻĀina 

Food Forests Installations

In reverence + partnership with One another and the ʻāina you are caring for, we move together in assessing your inner + outer worlds to allow the most Highly aligned pathway to emerge in your, your family and your land's Regenerative healing journey. 

•|• On ʻāina meeting with me to assess and hear the story of your land, vision and yourSelf

•|• Food forest design aligned with your ʻāina, vision + synchronized in my mentorship with Craig Elevitch 

•|• 1 Guided Zoom meeting + emails/texts/phone calls for planning, actioning + implementing your Food Forest with community to participate in your Installation

•|• Support the day of for your Food Forest workshop + installation 

Zoom + On-ʻĀina Installations 

Mama Food Forest Training

Become an expansion of our Food Forest ʻohana and hive through our Regenerative Living Curriculum, Synchronizing Inner + Outer Regeneration.

Stay in tune as we are releasing an online, interactive + face-to-face component of our trainings in 2024. Mama Food Forest is guided by Jamyang Dolma of Academy of Himalayan Art + Child Development, Craig Elevitch of Agroforestry Net and supported by Meghan Leialoha Kaʻōpua Au of Kū I Ke Aloha in deep communion with our blood + soul family of Sacred mothers, fathers, elders + keiki

Zoom + Face to Face Consultation

Mala •||• Lei Pule, Prayer Necklace, Spiritual Tool Customized for You

Your soul, genetic + entire being carry their own imprints and components that are your unique and of this now moment energy signature. 

We sit together and feel in to what makes you you and what kind of customized mala or lei pule (prayer necklace) will most supremely support who you are, on many dimensions, and your daily Spiritual ceremony + practice.



Mama Food Forest™  is a project of Academy of Himalayan Art and Child Development in collaboration with Agroforestry Net. Video, editing by David Woo. Producers and narration by Jamyang Dolma and Craig Elevitch.  Featuring the Mama Food Forest mamas, Meghan Leialoha Au, Kealoha Kalama + Kula Macdonald.

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